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The California Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF) is a non-profit organization established to sponsor and nurture kindness, education and well-being for all animals and people and their environment.

CVMF Donates $500 To CVMA's 2017 Animal Hall of Fame Winner, Hudson

In 2008, when Bob Schultze first met his dog Hudson, he was unsocialized, wary/aggressive toward strangers and other dogs, and had a severe heartworm infection. Despite his issues, Bob still adopted him. With time, training, and love, Hudson thrived and passed his Canine Good Citizen test in February 2012; was certified for pet encounter therapy (PET) in 2013; and has made over 150 therapy visits to 20 facilities in San Diego County including nursing facilities, memory care units, the VA hospital, and even a school for homeless children since then.

Hudson’s temperament is very gentle and patient and he can stir reaction from even the most unresponsive clients. He is described as a star wherever he goes and that he shines the brightest with clients that can’t respond with more than a small touch. One of many examples that highlights his therapeutic capabilities was with a client in hospice that had not been responsive for more than three weeks. His family had asked Bob to help. Bob placed Hudson next to their father and Hudson laid his head on the man’s hand. Soon the man started to pet him and kept petting him for the rest of the visit. The man’s response made his family cry and they were overjoyed that he was able to find comfort with Hudson.

Another example of Hudson’s therapeutic touch involves a client that spends most of his days in a wheelchair with little movement. While the way he is positioned in the wheelchair makes it difficult for other therapy dogs to reach him, it is no problem from Hudson. Hudson will gently mold his body to the man’s in his reclining chair and will lean in to share his warmth. The man’s usually labored breathing will start to ease and his muscles relax.

Hudson’s loving nature despite having been given up and his service as a therapy dog, exemplifies the importance of the human-animal bond. After his rescue, his body and spirit were made whole and he is now giving back one PET visit at a time.


CVMF Student Scholarship Awards

The CVMF Ron Faoro DVM Student Scholarship Award
The CVMF awards $1,000 scholarships to second, third or fourth-year veterinary students for their role in leadership or the human-animal bond. Applicants should be students in good standing at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine or the Western University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Applications were accepted from February 1 through April 13, 2018. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to the 2017 winners! The Human-Animal Bond role recipients are Carrie Herrema from UC Davis and Ashley Morris from Western University. The recipients in the Leadership category are Roxana Boardbar from UC Davis and Valerie Lew from Western University.

The CVMF/VISC Student Scholarship Award
This scholarship, funded by the Veterinary Insurance Services Company (VISC),  is awarded to third and fourth year veterinary students at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, WesternU College of Veterinary Medicine or California residents attending out-of-state AVMA accredited veterinary medical colleges.

Applications were accepted from February 1 - April 13, 2018 for this year's award! Click here for more information.

Congratulations to the 2017 recipients - Chanel Baron, Marlene Belmar, Roxana Bordbar, Tereza Chylkova, Valerie Lew, Joseph Raleigh, and Elizabeth Rosalia!

CVMF Awards Scholarships to UC Davis and
Western  Students for Shelter Service or Disaster Response
Each year the California Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF) presents scholarship awards to third or fourth year veterinary students at both veterinary schools in California who show outstanding service in veterinary medicine at a city or county animal shelter, or during a recognized California disaster response effort.
In May 2017 the CVMF was pleased to present these awards to Victoris Hsu of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and to Meaghan Mielo of the Western University School of Veterinary Medicine.




Disaster Reimbursement Grants for Veterinarians

The CVMF provides reimbursement grants to veterinarians for out-of-pocket emergency medical care and expenses for animals injured or displayed by disasters. To view the guidelines and submit a request for reimbursement, please click here.


Donate to the CVMF to Aid Animals in Disaster

Wildfires have caused record setting damages throughout Sonoma County and have injured and displaced thousands of animals. The CVMA's California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps has deployed veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants to help treat animal victims of the fires. Donations to the foundation will aid in these endeavors, and provide resources for future California disasters as well.

The California Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF) provides funds to help animals in disasters by:

• Purchasing veterinary medical supplies.
• Supporting our Medical Reserve Corps.
• Allowing veterinarians who help animal victims in their practice to apply for reimbursement for supplies and services.

The California Medical Reserve Corps is the largest veterinary medical reserve corps in the country. The CAVMRC provides veterinary professionals with the training and credentialing necessary to deploy under state authorities during declared emergencies. For more information about the CAVMRC or to volunteer, please visit

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